Where Do You Want to Go in Life?

By Meliora Consulting and Learning Academy - February 25, 2022
Where Do You Want to Go in Life?

What do you hope to accomplish? Decide what you want to achieve with your business before you start. If you already have a business, take a look at where you're going and make sure you're on the right track. Take some time to consider and write down your company's goals.

- Take note of it.

According to research, only 3% of people write down their goals, but they earn ten times more than those who don't. Furthermore, research shows that people with up-to-date written goals are up to 3100% more successful than those who do not have up-to-date written plans.

Also, make sure that your business goals do not conflict with your personal goals. When you're thinking about your goals, consider and write down your personal goals. And, if you are a multi-owner business, you will need to discuss your responses with your colleagues and agree on a shared set of business goals.

SMART objectives

Make sure that the goals you set are SMART. What exactly does this mean? It is an acronym for:






- What does it mean to you?

After you've written down your goal as a SMART goal, consider the consequences if you didn't achieve it. What is the pain that you and those you care about will feel if you do not complete your goal, such as illness, poverty, unhappiness, and so on? (Why are you doing this? Because acknowledging this pain is a huge motivator that will push you to work even harder to ensure you don't fail!)

Then consider what you will gain if you succeed, such as wealth, health, happiness, a prosperous retirement, etc. What will you see, hear, and experience? And what else will your success enable you to accomplish/do? Finally, list the essential items you will require to achieve your goal. It could be new resources, contacts, skills, actions, etc.

Repeat this process with a new sheet for each goal you want to achieve.

- Prioritise

Next, try to prioritize the goals you've written down. Place all of your dreams in front of you and decide which are the most important to you, which are less critical, and which (if any) are not important at all. Work out how you will achieve each goal that is still important, and break it down into smaller steps to make it easier to manage. Make timetables for each step and record them in your diary or planner. This way, achieving your goals becomes a part of your daily routine.

- Examine how you spend your time.

It's worth looking at how you spend your time right now and comparing it to how you want your life to unfold. Then you can incorporate your objectives into this as well.

Examine your personal goals and make a list of the broad areas of your life that are important to you, such as family, friends, business, health, fitness, money, etc. Make a mental note of how much of your waking time you would like to spend in each of these areas in an ideal world (make sure that the column adds up to 100 percent ). Estimate the percentage of your waking time you believe you are currently spending in each area - just a rough approximation here, don't waste time trying to get pinpoint accuracy; the goal is to get a broad sense, Then compute the difference between the two. Is it clear from the gaps that you need to make changes to achieve your objectives? What changes are you going to make if it does?

- The following steps

Consider everything you have just done and thought about. What are the implications for what you're doing in business and life - and what you should be doing? Put the things you need to do in an action planner. Keep this somewhere you won't lose sight of it so that you can be reminded of your goals daily. If you believe it would be beneficial, contact an advisor, mentor, or coach to discuss what else you can do to achieve your objectives. It can be helpful to go through the entire exercise with a third party who can be more objective and assist you in focusing on the right things.

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