Understanding Your Higher Self and Making Connections With Others

By Meliora Consulting and Learning Academy - October 20, 2021
Understanding Your Higher Self and Making Connections With Others

It's as simple as dialing in a particular radio station's frequency on your radio to hear it. So too, if you want to watch anything specific on TV. What you hear and see is determined by the frequency you are tuned onto.

While our brains function similarly, we only have two radio stations to choose from: the ego station and the higher-self station.

The ego station includes all of our limiting ideas that give rise to our worries in the programmed mind. This is our wounded self, our fake self, the protected person we learned to be like children to control things like obtaining love, avoiding suffering, and feeling secure. Our injured ego-self is like a closed circuit; it relies on outdated knowledge that we picked up along the way, information that may or may not be accurate at this point. As far as new information is concerned, it is closed. It's a closed system that won't accept the truth.

One of the most significant benefits of using a higher-self station is accessing all of the infinite knowledge that exists out there. Using the station of the higher self, we may connect to the eternal Source of truth, which is always available to lead us in the direction of our highest benefit.

What's the best way to connect to your higher self?

There is a "dial" inside each of us that can be set to tune into either the low frequency of our ego or the high frequency of our higher selves, depending on our preference. Our INTENT is represented by this dial.

There are just two options when it comes to intentions.

1. The desire to obtain affection while avoiding suffering as a result of dominating conduct

2. A desire to learn about self-love and love for others

The desire to control gaining love and avoiding sorrow lowers our frequency and keeps us in our ego thought. As long as we pick this intent/frequency, we will continue to think and behave in ways that cause negative emotions like dread, anxiety, despair, guilt, and shame. The frequency of the ego is that of a victim. When we choose to control things like gaining love and avoiding suffering, we tune into this frequency to help us do just that.

There is no time limit on changing our thoughts or choosing to learn about what's best for ourselves and everyone else. We have the option of either learning about or letting go of our ego thinking. We boost our frequency and get access to the higher-self station the instant we decide to learn about love. It's like leaving the confines of our home computer and venturing out into the wide world of the Internet, except better. However, the knowledge we get from our higher selves is entirely accurate - it comes from the Source of Truth. In contrast, some information on the Internet may be correct.

Choosing the higher-self station is only hindered by our need for control. A part of us wants to be in charge of our emotions and the sentiments and behaviors of others. As long as your need for power and control outweighs your desire for self-love and love for others, you'll be trapped in the ego's orbit.

The ego station teaches us that we may have control over things that we genuinely do not control - other people and outcomes. This is not true. While certain addictions allow us to exert some control over our emotions, this serves to magnify our misery. As an internal guiding system, our emotions alert us whether our thoughts and actions are on or off course. Suppressing them with addictions makes things worse.

When you choose to learn about loving yourself and others, you will be filled with delight as you tune into your higher self station and have access to all of the fantastic knowledge available to you.


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