Procrastination: 4 Ways to Put it Off

By Meliora Consulting and Learning Academy - October 14, 2021
Procrastination: 4 Ways to Put it Off

Procrastination: 4 Ways to Put it Off

It's something that we've all done at some point. The next day, we'll go to the gym. We'll start our company.

To put it another way, procrastination is the mother of all devils, and it may put a halt to your goals.

Here are four proven methods for taking down this formidable foe.

Do it right away

Wait for your breath to return, and then dive right in! As with other habits, procrastination is entrenched in our brain and difficult to overcome. We keep going because it's what we've always done. To do a job as soon as possible may sometimes seem odd or compelled.

Start small and work your way up.

Procrastination may occur when a task seems too onerous or frightening to us. Maybe we don't even know where to begin. Taking things slowly is perfectly acceptable in these situations. To make matters worse, you've just switched on your PC for the fifth time in a row to see a blank screen. Even if it was a last-minute decision, you're still not ready to begin. Break the project into manageable chunks and focus on one piece at a time. Make each job a separate project, and celebrate and recognize your success after completing each one.

Put it out of your mind.

What's the point of pushing it? For whatever reason, you've been "dragging your feet" on anything for an extended period. There's a message attempting to get through to you from some place. There is something there, and it's generally correct. Consider a task you've put off many times but finally got around to doing.

First and foremost, why do you feel the need to accomplish this task? Are you being forced to do something by someone else? What do THEY want to achieve? In your opinion, why is there such a long lag between events? It amazes me that I put off doing anything 99 percent of the time, but now I'm glad I did! The final option is typically to ignore a project after a long time of procrastination.

Team in charge of assistance

Tasks that you believe are too large or complicated for you to manage on your own are often put off. Or is it because you're in desperate need of help? Honesty is the best policy. The phrase "No man is an island" comes to mind. Request assistance! A wide variety of materials are available to you to help you complete your work. If you're a one-person business and you procrastinate in responding to emails, then don't bother. Hire a personal assistant, enlist the assistance of some college interns, or enlist the aid of a family member. Putting off life-changing endeavors may be due to apprehension. Seek help from a mastermind group, a mentor, or a support group. You don't need to accomplish anything by yourself. Just be careful to do what feels right to you in whatever way you choose to stop this bad habit. You will put off procrastination for a long time.