Perfection as an Unachievable Goal

By Meliora Consulting and Learning Academy - December 15, 2021
Perfection as an Unachievable Goal

When we have thinking or an idea that we wish to do or convey to others, we must communicate with them. Many people never go past the stage of wanting to because they choose to wait until everything is perfect before telling anyone or doing anything.

I've heard individuals say they'll start when they have more money, time, learn more, practice more, their children are older, and so on. The difficulty with this is that there is no such thing as a perfect time. The most extraordinary moment to begin is right now. Yes, you may need to be picky about who you speak with at first since there are bad people out there who may try to stop you or shut you down. Nonetheless, I've discovered that their worries and demand for perfection paralyzes most people.

I was speaking with a woman who wanted to go to a job interview. She had discussed the interview with her sister. "Make sure you perform the interview well," her sister said, "because everybody in this city knows each other, and if you blow it, you can kiss your career goodbye."

There's no pressure there. Going into an interview with that thought is a surefire way to mess up it. You will most likely feel afraid, which may result in the blunders you are attempting to avoid. I've heard similar things previously, but most people aren't just sitting there waiting to crush everybody that comes in. Most people, I've discovered, are kind, generous, and helpful. What you require is motivation and the determination to perform your best. A terrible interview does not spell the end of the world.

When you look at the most successful people in the world, the reality becomes much brighter. They frequently stated that they had failed their way to the top, that they had learned from their mistakes, and that they had moved on. Some millionaires have lost everything, brushed themselves off, and then made even more money. They interacted with individuals and made connections with them. Being a hermit will not help you achieve.

We are not born knowing everything there is to know. We are not machines that plan our every step. We are human beings who learn by our actions. We learn through our interactions. When we communicate our views and ideas, we understand. Are there skeptics among us? Yes, it would be best if you fled from them. Find those that are excited to hear from you and want to support you. You will always learn more and interact more with folks who are friendly and encouraging.

One day, I recall sitting in the car, waiting for my companion while he dashed into the store. The following flowed onto the paper.


It is our striving and being that distinguishes us as humans. The journey, not the destination, reveals who we are and what we are made of. Perfection is not a goal; it limits flexibility, creativity, and understanding of the process. We acquire knowledge and wisdom via trial and error. We remember and learn more from our mistakes than from what we accomplish correctly. Because if we did everything perfectly, there would be no journey, no life, no adventure...only an end.

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