Organizing Your Year to Make It the Best Ever

By Meliora Consulting and Learning Academy - October 25, 2021
Organizing Your Year to Make It the Best Ever

Many individuals contemplate and plan for the future towards the end of the year and on their birthdays. For those of you who fall into this category or who want to start reaping the rewards of some introspection, I've compiled a list of excellent questions for you.

These questions may be revisited yearly, monthly, or as-needed basis to help you find focus in your life. I encourage you to reflect on your life regularly rather than just once a year. Consciousness can help you get more out of your life if you're more aware of your actions.

These questions are meant to help you finish the year on a high note and start the new year with a fresh perspective. Following these questions will help you finish strong this year, so you have the space to create a new "you" in 2022.

Taking a look back at the previous year:

What am I looking for recognition for?

What did I achieve?

What was it that I wanted to achieve but didn't? (Would you mind if I do this now?)

What did I promise to accomplish yet fail to deliver on? (Would you mind if I ask whether you're still interested?)

To whom do I have to keep in touch?

What disappointed me the most?

What have I discovered? - What are the top three lessons you'll remember if you keep them in mind this year?

Take these suggestions into consideration for next year.)

Patterns are shifting:

Which of your behaviors weakens you, and how can you make them stronger?

What excuses do you tell yourself when you fail? (Your limiting paradigm is made up of incorrect ideas.)

Make a list of the paradigms that constrain your thinking.

You must articulate your new paradigm in the present tense, with strength and simplicity, while pointing to an exciting future.

Before going to bed at night, read your new paradigm aloud to yourself in the morning. Make it clear to your subconscious mind that this is your default mode of thinking.


What do you value most in life? What do you appreciate most in life? What is it that keeps you going?

What are the different roles you play in your daily activities? Assign a value of 1 to 10 to each position, with 10 being the most critical.

Where do you feel your life is out of whack? What one issue would you want to put behind you for good?

Which position do you want to concentrate on the most in the next year? 4. I want a breakthrough performance in what role? Is there one position here that you'd like to place a checkmark on next year to signify that you're happy with how you're performing it?

What do you want to accomplish in each role?

This works by asking yourself the following questions for some time, perhaps a week or two. I jot them down and re-write them multiple times a day. After you've answered all of the questions listed above, you'll be asked one last question:

What do I want to achieve for the next year, and who am I hoping to become?