It's Time to Examine Your Vision

By Meliora Consulting and Learning Academy - December 1, 2021
It's Time to Examine Your Vision

Have you been struggling to meet a specific goal? Are you allowing less critical things to get in the way of achieving what you truly desire? Then it's time to run a VISION test. Just as it is essential to have our eyes checked regularly to ensure that we can see clearly, it is equally important to do a VISION check to ensure that we are on track.

- Colorful Image

Have you created a vivid mental image of how your completed goal will look, feel, and sound? Have you included a lot of sensory detail, paying particular attention to the emotions you'll feel once you've achieved your goal? Many people skip this step or only do it half-heartedly. As a result, their completed goal is no longer accurate, and they are easily distracted by day-to-day events. This step requires time and consideration, which is why many people avoid it. However, how will you ever achieve your goal if you don't have a clear picture in your mind of what you're aiming for? If you want to achieve your goal, you must first create a clear, vivid picture of it.

- Inspired

Is your goal motivating you? Does it make you happy just thinking about it? If not, return to your vivid image and make changes until you are excited about it. Goals necessitate effort. They frequently require us to change and do things that are unfamiliar to us. Why bother attempting to achieve a goal if it isn't something you truly desire in the first place?

When setting a goal, don't limit yourself to what you believe you can achieve. Determine what you truly desire. Many people have achieved enormous success in their lives because they set lofty goals for themselves. You will find a way to make your dream a reality if you are inspired enough by it.

- Persistent Belief

Do you have a strong belief that you will succeed? If you don't expect to achieve your goal, you're probably not going to. In the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, it takes extraordinary courage to believe that we will be successful. Things go awry. Problems arise. It's easy to become disheartened. That is when you need to believe in yourself the most. If you believe in yourself, you will be able to get through difficult times. Individuals rise to the level of their own beliefs. You will be successful if you believe you will be successful.

- Identify

Do you identify with your goal now, even though you haven't yet achieved it? We need to start identifying with the person we want to be. Play the image of your completed goal in your mind once or twice a day. In your imagination, live your dream and all of the beautiful emotions that come with it. As you keep doing this, you will notice that your thoughts and behaviors become more aligned with the person you will be when you reach your goal.

- Observant

Are you aware of the actions that bring you closer to your goal and those that push you further away? Some of the ideas we include in our action plan for our goal will work, while others will not. Take note of the outcome after you perform a specific action. If the results are positive, keep doing what you're doing. If you don't get the expected result, change it and try again. By keeping an eye on what works and what doesn't, you can adjust your strategy as needed to keep moving closer to your goal.

- Never-Say-Die Attitude

Have you adopted a never-say-die mentality? Have you decided that you will not give up no matter how long it takes to achieve your goal? If you don't have this attitude, you might find yourself overwhelmed by obstacles. They may be too challenging to overcome, and there is a good chance you will give up before achieving your goals. However, when you adopt a never-say-die attitude, there is a power and conviction within you that will carry you through until you achieve success.

So don't be concerned if your VISION is hazy. With a few tweaks, you'll be able to see your goal through to completion and experience all of the joy and satisfaction that come with it.

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