Is The Key To Your Success Missing From Your Hands?

By Meliora Consulting and Learning Academy - October 13, 2021
Is The Key To Your Success Missing From Your Hands?

Do you find it challenging to meet your goals? Has your life come to all you wanted it to? You've had some success; is it easier for you to attain your objectives now? Do you maintain a calm and collected demeanor under pressure? Is your life frustrating you because you feel like you're not moving forward? There's just one place to look for help if you do not have it.

There are two aspects to your mind: the rational, conscious, and emotional, intuitive sides. In other words, your conscious mind is what you're utilizing right now to read and evaluate what you've just read and analyzed. To be clear, it's your subconscious mind that's deciphering the symbols on the page and informing you of their meanings. When it comes to assisting you, this area of your brain can do things that seem magical at times.

There is a subconscious portion of your mind where everything that has ever happened to you is stored. It's a virtual memory and emotion storehouse with no end in sight. In terms of the subconscious mind, this is an essential concept. You need fast access to this knowledge so that you can find your way home, remember names and faces, how to execute your work, and so on. Still, there are some significant drawbacks to this strategy.

Your subconscious mind not only stores necessary knowledge but also retains essential feelings. The feeling of pain and terror, for example, is stored in the brain when you do something like put your hand too near to a flame. For those afraid of fire, the moment they come too near to it and feel the heat, their subconscious minds will send an alarm. This safety feature does exactly what it's supposed to do: keep you safe. When you see your spouse or kid, hear music, smell perfume, or shave aftershave and are quickly reminded of a previous moment that inspired intense love sentiments, this technique may work to your favor as well.

As a result, we may think of our subconscious mind as operating like a video recorder that records and plays back events as they happen. When you access your memories, you may listen to recordings of the events in your life that were made and then play them again. However, the problem often arises when the subconscious mind accesses incorrect or inappropriate emotional memories in new situations. When you attempt something new or go beyond your comfort zone, and your subconscious mind has been "programmed" with unpleasant emotions or a bad self-image, it will play those things back to you in uncomfortable ways.