Destroy all ships

By Meliora Consulting and Learning Academy - October 19, 2021
Destroy all ships

Eliminating escape paths is a crucial step in achieving your objectives. When faced with adversity, it's easy to want to hide in familiar places. Going ahead must be more tempting than going back if you're going to avoid abandoning your ambitions.

When pursuing a goal, it's essential to stay focused on the result and resist the need to revert to what you know or what seems familiar. One of Hernando Cortez's first instructions to his soldiers upon landing in Mexico was to fire the ships they had brought with them. As a result, Cortez was adamant about not allowing himself or his soldiers to turn around and go back to Spain. This option was removed from the table, putting Cortez and his men in a position where they had to concentrate only on how to complete the task.

By removing a possible escape path, you provide yourself with a solid incentive to stay focused on your objective and keep going ahead. Although Cortez ordered his soldiers to fire the ships, they did not destroy the food and supplies onboard. Making it difficult to leave is different from recklessly disregarding safety and putting yourself in unnecessary danger. Getting where you want to go still takes thoughtful preparation and management. All objectives come with some level of risk. Still, you don't have to put yourself in unnecessary danger or stress by failing to prepare ahead of time and missing the skills and materials you need to succeed. Do not be afraid to take chances, but do not be reckless or stupid in your expectations.

Before you decide to set fire to your ships, be sure you have the materials and equipment you need to complete the mission. Quitting your work may seem like an intelligent way to end your financial woes, but if you don't have the finances to see it through, it might lead to bankruptcy. To accept the risk of quitting your present work without causing excessive trouble, you may set up a savings account or get a journey job (a position that serves as a stepping stone to your ultimate goal).

Secure all possible exits and have a convincing cause to continue. However, you must also prepare for the possibility of failure and have the tools, materials, and resources at your disposal to meet your objectives. While risk cannot be wholly eliminated, it may be planned for. Make sure you've thought things through and have a game plan in place before you take the leap into the unknown.