Clarity is the result of concentration.

By Meliora Consulting and Learning Academy - November 16, 2021
Clarity is the result of concentration.

When images are sharp, they look better in photographs. A lack of focus makes objects appear blurry or indistinct. What number of times have you been let down by the outcome when it diverted your attention elsewhere? Faces and objects are distorted, if not obscured entirely. Toss out the low-quality photograph that fell short of your expectations when you took it. Scratch it to get a taste of what it's like. Maybe it's the camera's fault.

Proper focus also significantly impacts the quality of the actual pictures that appear in your life. To begin, the concept must be envisioned. To achieve your goals, you must first create a clear and distinct view of them in your mind. It has to be 'in focus,' which means the elements have to be defined, clearly seen and envisioned.

To put it another way, as you go about the "doing" necessary to bring your vision to life, you must stay focused on your goal and not get sidetracked by the events around you. It's not complicated, but it always astounds me how hazy people's attention spans are. 90% of the time, when you ask someone to describe their deepest desire, they cannot provide a detailed response. It's hazy and fuzzy. Only broad strokes are discussed, with no specifics. In other words, what's missing from the image serves as a description.

"I wish to be in good health, wealthy, and content."

When it comes to health, what does that mean to you?

I don't want to be sick, that's for sure."

"So, what do you understand by wealth?"

"Well, to be on the safe side."

The question is, "So what exactly do you mean by happiness?"

"Not to be depressed, unhappy."

"Peace is what I seek."

"What the heck are you talking about?"

"At least you know there won't be another war."

Rather than focusing on what is included in a picture or an ideal, people often define it based on what is absent from it. One of the problems with emphasizing the goal of "no more war" is that it keeps one's gaze fixed on the subject of war. Focusing on not being ill has the drawback of keeping your attention on ill-health rather than wellness. The emphasis is on scarcity and limitation rather than abundance and potential.

Almost everyone seems to be clear on what they DO NOT want. Concentrate all of your energy and efforts on achieving the ideals you aspire to, desire, long for, or lust after. Make your point of focus crystal clear.

You see what you were expecting to see once you narrowed your focus. "All things held ideal in mind and dear in heart are abundant in prosperity." What level of precision do you have when it comes to your ideals? How strong is your desire, longing, and passion for them? How clear an image do you have in your head? How committed are you to seeing your ideal come to fruition? Life is difficult because there are so many things to focus on. You're concentrating on a task or goal when something incredibly distracting happens.

Maybe you're a medical student who has set your sights solely on becoming a doctor. As soon as this great guy shows up to your house to bed and practice motherhood instead of medicine, you find yourself missing out on the opportunity to take your child to the pediatrician. Or maybe you're in the middle of starting a business when a seemingly insurmountable obstacle arises, and you switch gears, alter your strategy, and shift your attention to the next great business idea and the next one after that. Distractions abound in life, making it simple to become disengaged. Those who are successful maintain their concentration. They can be intensely focused to the point where you can't get their attention.

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