Authenticity and Alignment: The One-Two Punch for Success

By Meliora Consulting and Learning Academy - January 31, 2022
Authenticity and Alignment: The One-Two Punch for Success

Have you ever felt like you were banging your head against a brick wall? You keep attempting to obtain a goal, but you never seem to succeed. Instead of going forward and attaining your goals with grace and ease, you are suffering.

You are not by yourself. Unfortunately, moving from what we don't want to what we want is a fundamental difficulty for many people. Believe it or not, it is relatively normal for people to limit their good by fighting against what they wish to do actively. To get what you desire, you must be willing to end the battle and take action. Your success is determined by your ability to set and achieve goals.

Being accurate and aligned with your authenticity is the simplest way to shift from "stuck" to action without struggle. Authenticity implies that you are in touch with your inner self and soul and that your wants are an accurate reflection of your inner self and soul.

Alignment means that your entire being is in sync with the goal you wish to achieve. For example, suppose you get home from work one evening, and you are exhausted. But this is your workout night. You sit on the couch and have to convince yourself to put on your workout clothes and go to the gym. Alignment is what you did when you persuaded a part of yourself to go to the gym when you wanted to sit on the couch. You aligned yourself with the notion and intention of going to the gym, regardless of how exhausted you felt. To end the struggle and realize your goals, all your elements must collaborate for manifestation. All bodies, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual, must agree on a plan. There must be no reservations, limiting ideas, or attachments. The approach outlined here might help you conduct an authenticity check on your goals and align yourself with them.

Step One: Sit quietly - establish a calm, pleasant, and nurturing environment for yourself. It must be a place where you feel safe and comfortable. Spend a few minutes in silence and inner thought on your aim. Make sure you have paper and a pen on hand.

Step Two: The Authenticity Check: Ask yourself if this is the right objective for you right now. If you answered yes, proceed to the next step. If the answer is no, consider what a more appropriate aim for you right now would be.

By asking this question, you shift from being dominated by the mind's needs (survival difficulties) to accessing the soul within. You progress away from the petty desires of the ego and toward the realization of the soul's objectives. As a result, your goals will become more honest and authentic.

Make a note of the response you receive. If you require more information on the answer, please request it. Continue to inquire within till you are satisfied.

Step Three: Alignment. It is time to develop alignment after you have a precise and accurate aim in mind. Remain in your calm and comfortable area; ask to talk to your mental body. (Repeat step three for each of the bodies.) Ask your mental body whether it is willing to work with you to achieve your goal. The goal of this question is to identify any mental obstacles or limits that exist about the plan. If yes, move on to the following body: physical, spiritual, and emotional.

Suppose the response is no, initiate a dialogue with this aspect of yourself. To begin, consider the following questions: Why are you unwilling to identify with this goal? What would it take for you to be on the same page as this goal? Fear or insecurity may be the root reason for a part's unwillingness to align with a genuine aim. Typically, the problem is resolved by assisting the component in understanding that it is being cared for, safe, and has nothing to fear. Communicate with the portion and inform it of the facts. When you have received the willingness of all the bodies, remember to thank them for their assistance in realizing this genuine aim. Affirm your alignment with this objective and your purpose to make it a reality.

You have formed an authentic objective and brought yourself into complete alignment with it by finishing this step. You can now go without difficulty because all impediments have been removed. You will be successful.

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